The 3Rs to achieving Healthier Eating Habits

Successfully maintaining a healthy weight can be quite a challenge.  Isa sa mga technique ng pag-maintain ng healthy weight is a continuous cycle of evaluating our eating habits.

To achieve this, pwede natin i-apply ang 3Rs.  These are:




REFLECT – to reflect means na kelangan natin pagnilayan o i-assess ang ating mga eating habits — be it good or bad.  We can do this on a regular basis.  Pwede ito after a day’s work we keep a simple diary.  Or pwedeng on a weekly basis.  Focus natin sa mga karaniwang triggers ng unhealthy eating

REPLACE – replace means na palitan natin yung mga unhealthy habits with healthier ones.  We can slowly put in small changes or practical modifications para hindi naman masyado mabigla ang usual routines natin.

REINFORCE – give ourselves credit for the good work that we’ve done.  Of course, hindi dapat food! Also, don’t forget to congratulate ourself for the small successes in maintaining the changes in our habits.

So that’s it! The 3Rs to help change our eating habits.  In the part, we’ll share with you how we can go about assessing our eating habits. 

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