Cutting Down without Feeling Hungry

It is a common fact that one of the ways to help lose weight is to start eating fewer calories.  Pero alam ba ninyo that eating fewer calories does not necessarily mean eating less food?

Madalas na iniisip natin that in order to lose weight, we should cut down on the amount of food we eat.  Kadalasan kapag ginawa natin ito, nakakaranas pa rin tayo nang gutom o parang hindi pa rin satisfied pagtapos kumain.  Eto ang usual na nagiging dahilan kung bakit naggi-give up agad ang mga tao when it comes to losing weight. It’s because of the experience of feeling deprived or hungry when they eat less.  Well.. It doesn’t have to be that way.. 

We can still aim for a slow but steady weight loss. We can do this by decreasing our caloric intake while maintaining adequate nutrients and increasing our physical activity.  

The “secret” is by choosing foods which are lower in fat and increasing the amount of fiber-rich ingredients and those with high water content. Example nito ay mga fruit and vegetables.

Tingnan natin ang isang halimbawa.. 

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This is a fried chicken sandwich with cheese and 1 tablespoon mayonnaise. This contains at least 480 calories.

Kung papalitan natin ito ng grilled chicken na may kasamang lettuce at vinaigrette dressing para maging salad, pwede pa din itong maka satisfy ng ating gutom and, at the same time, mapababa natin ang caloric content to 300-400 calories.

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Batay sa mga pag aaral, ang isang tao ay nabubusog batay sa dami na tine-take in na pagkain, at hindi sa dami ng calories.  So, we can take in the same amount of food, but we can replace foods which are low in calories and with higher fiber and water content instead para filling pa din sa stomach

The key is to eat foods that are filling to the stomach without eating a large amount of calories. 

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